Critic's Corner - Ready Player One

Starring: Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, and Ben Mendelsohn

Rated: PG:13 Runtime: 140 min

In 2045 the population of the world passes the time in a virtual world called, The Oasis. Designed by an introverted genius who upon his death releases the news that he has built in a quest that rewards the first to complete it, his shares in the Oasis and complete control of the virtual world.

The film starts off emotionally stunted and shallow then grows a little taller and deeper as it moves along. The performances of the actors are varied with them performing live and motion capture as well as doing voice work. The visual effects are top notch. Basing the film in the virtual world hopefully made the animators job easier.

Ready Player One, earns four out of five, Armed Serenity Monkeys. I only went to see this film for the appearance of the Firefly ship, Serenity, that is a spaceship in the best TV series made by man. The few seconds she is on screen makes the price of admission worth it to me. Other references to science fiction and fantasy characters and events make this a fun movie to watch.

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