Critic's Corner - Incredibles 2

Featuring the Voices of: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Sarah Vowell

Rated:PG Runtime: 118 min

In a bid to make super heroes legal again, a media mogul starts a publicity campaign that takes Elastagirl away from her family so that she may forge them a brighter future. Mr. Incredible, plays the role of mister mom and in typical fashion struggles to learn how to be a parent only to overcome the challenges of New Math and boyfriends to enjoy the greatness, that is being a dad.

Incredibles 2, earns four out of five, Raccoon Wrestling Monkeys. This is a fun film with lots of action and bright colors to keep the kids entertained. The story line is not overly original, but it works. The animation has its own style that is not my favorite, however it does not take away from the film. The voice acting is nicely done.

Head on out to see it and take the kids, they should enjoy it.

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