Fishin Talk

By Boots Johnson

We hear about the Feather River conditions after the broken spillway at the dam. According to people on the know the high water and sediment from the entire damaged spillway has created problems with navigating the river by boat due to the sandbars and shallow areas. It has also been said all the changes and the filling in with sand has messed up the fishing and all the water creatures that live there. Unless something is done to correct the issue it will only become worse. Our advice to those who fish by boat, whether you have a jet or prop for power, is to be extremely careful now and in the months to come.

The high elevation reservoirs are beginning to freeze over but those who live up there advise to wait awhile before attempting to fish through the ice. Right now the conditions have been described as very dangerous.

The mackinaw lake trout living in Lake Tahoe have begun their winter bite. We recommend going out on a charter boat and dressing warm because it is turning cold up there. Reports tell us the biggest challenge is finding the fish. After they are located and the boat stays on their movement it is common to put limits in the boat with some up to six pounds.

We are now officially into the winter months and the sturgeon on the Sacramento River have been few and far between. If you decide to give it a try and come off empty handed we suggest you try the creeks and sloughs which empty into the river. Catfish, bass and crappie have been biting.

Anglers are still coming from near and far to Bullard’s Bar Reservoir in an attempt to catch a record spotted bass. Anglers have been catching bass, but most are in the three to seven pound range. Winter fishing in this reservoir has always been a hit and miss situation with some days great and others a complete wash.

The trout bite at Collins Lake has slowed considerably and will more than likely stay slow for a while.

Closing thought: “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long you will miss them.”

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