Fishin' Talk

By Boots Johnson

We have reports of a good striper bite at Butte City on the Sacramento River as well as local fish being available on the Feather River near Shanghai Bend.

Up Lake Tahoe way the big mackinaw lake trout are cooperating both at the North and South shores. Kokanee Salmon are also hitting. Reports also tell us some rainbow and brown trout are also in the mix.

Lake Almanor has settled down and has a good small mouth bass bite underway. This is the time of year to catch huge rainbow and brown trout trolling any lure which resembles a minnow. Best bet is to troll slowly with downriggers or lead line.

Mountain stream, river and creek flows are excellent at this time with ideal conditions for trout. We suggest if you go to concentrate on early morning and late evening fishing to get the best results. Also, look for insect hatching and imitate these bugs for fresh trout in the frying pan.

Speaking of trout fishing. I recall a trip up to Poorman Creek many years ago. Poorman Creek is located in Nevada County near the small community of Washington off of State Route 20 above Nevada City. We stopped at Washington Creek on the way in to collect some hellgrammites and continued through Washington, then up the hill past the old lumber mill and log pond, then around the mountain past the old dump into the canyon to Poorman Creek. This small creek was inhabited mostly by rainbow trout. Catching a brown trout was maybe once a year if you were lucky.

Bill and I had a limit of fish by mid-morning. We ate our lunch, cleaned up the mess someone else had left behind and headed home. On the way out on the gravel road we were stopped by a game warden. After he inspected the fish and checked our fishing licenses he made note of the trash lying in back of the pickup. We advised him we had cleaned up the area at the stream. He was very happy for what we did and told us if everyone did the same the forests and steams would certainly be cleaner and much more sanitary.

Closing thought: “Forgiveness, no matter how long it takes, really is a gift you give yourself.”

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