By Boots Johnson

Everyone is enjoying the cooler weather we have witnessed these past weeks and our weather source tells us to expect warmer days, but the daytime temperatures will probably be in the low eighties for a spell. He advises we will continue to have cooler nights which make it great for sleeping. Personally I cannot sleep well with the A/C running.

As far as the fish go...............they are also moving up from the cool depths of the reservoirs and lakes to shallower waters. Expect big fish to be caught this year in the coming month.

Keep in mind most streams close to fishing the end of this month. Check your regulations to determine what is open the rest of the year.

The long time people who fish local rivers for salmon, including myself, say at this time the salmon run is just about as good as it gets. This means the run has peaked and will slowly take a downward trend through the rest of October. So, if you have waited patiently and missed out on some outstanding fishing, now is the time to get out there and go after the salmon because it will not be long when the fish turn dark.

There is one important fact and that is you need to know where to fish for salmon in the Feather and Sacramento Rivers and what kind of lures to use, including roe. Best bet, if you do not know the river, is to contact someone who does or hire a guide. We suggest you check your local sporting goods store for info or guide service. Speaking of guides and the Sacramento River, remind me to tell you about my Uncle Tom Hammons. He was a guide for many years and I can attest to some of his knowledge, even the art of smelling for fish, especially for the Striped Bass.

We have a suggestion if you plan on fishing for trout in local reservoirs, or even up in the high country. The Department of Fish and Wildlife have been busy planting catchable trout and these fish are a prime menu for the bigger fish in the water so go after them with the larger trout lures which imitate a rainbow trout. You will not catch a bunch of fish but you just might catch the trout of a lifetime.

Closing thought: “A single day seems to linger on...........but the years just fly away.”

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