The Oregon House - Dobbins Water Association

give us water 6 13 18"Fighting for our Water Rights"

by John Mistler

On May 23, residents of Oregon House and Dobbins came together at a meeting in the Alcouff Center to form the Oregon House-Dobbins Water Association (OHDWA) to preserve and work for the communities' water and water rights. This is in response to notification from the North Yuba Water District (NYWD) that they would not receive any irrigation water this year.

The Association's mission is: To be a positive, persistent voice for the water rights and futures of the Oregon House and Dobbins communities to ensure the delivery of abundant irrigation and drinking water to our communities in perpetuity.

The moderator of the meeting was Dr. Gretchen Flohr who received a variety of issues/questions from the well attended meeting. Without water; land values are decreasing, no well water recharge and trees and plants are dying. The biggest question from all was, "Why has the water been shut off?" There has been no explanation from the North Yuba Water District. Yet; Little Grass fValley Lake is full and water is overflowing at Lake Mildred. Some people also thought this could be a vindictive response to the people killing a 218 tax increase.

Several members of the OHDWA attended the NYWD meeting the following evening to protest the water shut-off and request an answer to why the water was shut off. The NYWD said they would make that information available in a letter to the affected people and in press releases to the newspapers.

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