Everyone’s invited! Come join us on Wednesday October 9th from  10:00am to 12:00pm at the Marysville Art Club.  420 10th Street in Marysville.


Who was Ethel Carden?


history talksCome learn the history of what happen over 62 years ago, why the city of Marysville dedicated a memorial right in the middle of town for Ethel Carden, today known as “Ethel Carden Memorial Park" 

“History Talks”, meets monthly at a different historic location, where individuals interested in history, come together and share stories of long ago over coffee and treats.



The “History Talks” is the creative idea of the Historic “Marysville Art Club” which has been part of Marysville’s History since the early 1900’s.


For more information and to reserve your spot Call 530-740-2418.

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