Anytime Metering Coming to Highway 65 in S. Placer County

  • Caltrans Also Activating Three New Ramp Meters on the Corridor
    PLACER COUNTY — In an effort to relieve congestion and make merging safer for motorists,
    Caltrans announced plans to activate three new ramp meters next week and initiate around-the-
    clock ramp metering on all freeway entrances to southbound State Highway 65 from Lincoln to
    Starting Monday, October 14, the three meters going live are: Northbound Galleria Boulevard to
    southbound Highway 65; southbound Stanford Ranch Road to northbound Highway 65; and
    northbound Industrial Avenue in Lincoln to southbound Highway 65. The meters will have
    expanded hours of operation, which will allow these signals to also manage non-commute
    congestion with on demand metering.
    At the same time, seven other ramp meters on southbound Highway 65 from
    Rocklin to Roseville will expand hours of operation. Traffic metering will take
    place anytime or day during the daytime or nighttime hours when there is
    heavy traffic congestion on the freeway.
    The seven ramp meters affected are:
     Eastbound and westbound Pleasant Grove Boulevard on-ramps to
    southbound Highway 65.
     Eastbound and westbound Blue Oaks Boulevard on-ramps to
    southbound Highway 65.
     Eastbound and westbound Sunset Boulevard on-ramps to southbound
    Highway 65.
    Westbound Whitney Ranch Parkway to southbound Highway 65.
    Currently, six of these ramp meters – except for Whitney Ranch – operate
    from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    Saturdays and Sundays.
    This is the first time Caltrans will operate anytime metering for freeway on-ramps in the greater Sacramento Valley region. To alert motorists of the upcoming changes, the meters will rest on green this week.


Studies have found ramp meters are an effective way to reduce freeway congestion and collisions, improve travel time and make merging onto the freeway safer.




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