Olivehurst, Linda, Marysville and Wheatland look for ways to partner for fire service delivery

Yuba County, Ca


The governing boards of the Olivehurst Public Utility District (OPUD), Linda Fire Protection District (LFPD), Wheatland Fire Authority (WFA) and the City of Marysville (MFD) passed a concurrent resolution on October 12th seeking opportunities to collaborate and increase efficiencies and cost effective service delivery across all district and municipality jurisdictions.


“It’s simply the right thing to do and makes good dollars and cents. It’s all about providing high quality public safety to our residents and businesses,” commented OPUD Board Chair Mary Jane Griego.


Collaboration and regional partnership will provide opportunities to make fire services more efficient and economical, improve levels of service in the combined areas thereby increasing public safety, as well as help provide better services to more isolated areas in the joint region.


“The fact that a conversation has been initiated about collaboration and partnership between the Yuba County floor fire departments is a phenomenal start! There are great fire departments in Yuba County that are steeped in tradition and a long history. This effort is not designed to take anything away from those departments, but to share and possibly consolidate services that are needed by all fire departments, which in turn should save money that could be redirected towards better equipment and staffing,” stated Marysville City Councilmember and former Fire Captain Brad Hudson.


The four authorities agree to work toward a common long-term goal of collaboration that may include such efforts as joint training exercises, purchasing, fleet maintenance, fire plan review and inspection, operational planning and shared administration.


“The ability to offer a better and more efficient service to our constituents is always what we are striving for, and having additional resources at our fingertips through this collaboration with other agencies should provide that for them,” commented Wheatland Mayor and Fire Authority Board Member Joe Henderson.

This partnership also has the opportunity to create a stronger regional voice when addressing legislative matters that might impact fire and emergency medical services. It could also financially bolster all of the jurisdictions enabling them to better absorb swings in the economy and other financial burdens.


Fire Chief Rich Webb of the Linda Fire Protection District added: “By adopting the resolution, the Linda Fire Protection District is memorializing our long-standing commitment to our neighboring fire agencies and our pledge to look for additional opportunities where we can collaborate.

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