New Year Happiness

by Lou Binninger

The New Year is already provocative and entertaining. Al Gore proclaimed the record pet-freezing east coast temperatures to be a confirmation of Global Warming. He puts his mouth where his money is.

Frigid equals Global Warming. Sweltering equals Global Warming. La Nina, yep Global Warming. Drought, Global Warming. Making millions off it all is ‘inconvenient’ Al Gore.

Meanwhile the energy alternatives to fossil fuels are tanking. Environmentalists once in love with ethanol now want a divorce. It has been a scam on the taxpayers from the beginning with every gallon subsidized with tax dollars to make it ‘affordable.’ Ethanol is more harmful to the environment and our pocketbook than gas and diesel. And the diversion of corn and land for ethanol production raises the price of food to the consumer. However, bad government policies rarely end.

Remember Barack Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu predicted the end of fossil fuel supplies. Yes, the media proclaimed them a couple of the brightest guys in the country and now Trump is stupid.

How about Obama saying America’s manufacturing sector was shrinking and would never rebound. Then he mocked candidate Trump as a liar for suggesting it could thrive again. Obama’s 2016 saw a loss of 16,000 manufacturing jobs while Trump’s 2017 saw a 196,000 gain.

Construction industry leaders are actually fretting over a shortage of competent workers. Black Americans have the lowest unemployment rate since labor records revealed ethnic differences beginning 45 years ago in 1972. The December Black jobless rate was 6.8%. Amazing.

No one has mentioned Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or NAACP leaders making any celebratory comments since ‘their people’ are benefitting from ‘racist’ Donald Trump’s job enriching policies. With their profitable racial pandering curbed maybe they can be barkers for Viagra.

The Hispanic unemployment rate remains at a near record low of just 4.9 percent, up just a bit from the record low of 4.7 percent in November of last year. White unemployment is at 3.7 percent, while only 2.5 percent of Asians are unemployed.

If Blacks were allowed school choice they could compete with whites and Hispanic workers. Many liberal professors are still convinced Blacks are intellectually inferior due to being less evolved. However, that lie has its roots with Charles Darwin and then the eugenics movement that seeks to exterminate so-called ‘feeble-minded’ minorities.

The Asians are the most employed with the highest academic scores. It isn’t their DNA. They just work harder. Third World Communist Vietnam, though extremely poor, is even outperforming US students. Asians are in school longer and study harder. Here teachers unions want more money not more work. The results show.

Anyone care about the stock market? Every baby boomer with retirement investments should be thrilled as the market breaks one record after another. Last week, a talk show financial analyst predicted the market would surpass 28,500 in 2018. Who would have imagined as media pundits predicted a market crash should Trump win.

It seems that liberals would even be furious if the Trump administration eradicates spiking gonorrhea and cancer. Tax reform was greeted with left thinking disdain. Giving millions of workers $1,000 – 2,000 bonuses was mocked as if they received coupons for Happy Meals.

As America punished corporations for decades with nearly the highest corporate tax rate in the world major businesses have been moving off shore along with their cash. With the recent tax reform reducing the corporate rate from 35% to 21% corporations distributed bonuses, raised starting pay scales and brought money back to America by the trillions.

Obama and Hillary-loving Apple alone may repatriate $200 billion to the US. Apple will pay a tax on the transfer and the funds will be held by US financial institutions. Instead of leaving the US due to Trump’s election they are sticking around and bringing their cash with them.

Government-loving liberals will cringe at federal employment numbers dropping by 16,000 and food stamps recipients shrinking by 2 million in 2017. Another fascinating fact is that law enforcement deaths were at a 50-year low last year. Did a cop and military-loving Trump make that difference? Obama’s mockery of both institutions undermined their authority and made them vulnerable to anarchists and terrorists.

The one disappointment is that the estimated 25% of federal employees and many celebrities threatening to flee a Trump Presidency have not left. However, there is still time left.

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