Paying for What

by Lou Binninger

Yuba County residents are used to getting expensive mailers from the government. Some of the pieces tell folks in the valley how to prepare for high water and buy flood insurance. Then hill dwellers are told how to maintain a green belt around their dwellings to defend against a forest fire.

The notices include contact numbers and social media sites to use in case of an emergency. Since the county is broke due to employee pension costs can’t insurance companies provide this reminder to protect their losses or solicit more business?

Do all these notifications make any difference? No one really knows for sure. During the Oroville Dam spillway debacle and evacuation there were only so many ways out of the valley and then people waited hours in traffic for the water to arrive. People prepared and hurried-up to wait.

The old-school AM radio broadcast could have coordinated all travelers but it wasn’t part of the communication mix. Sad, since it is less problematic compared to battery-powered cell phones trying to reach websites and social media while on the road. Plus, one station relaying the truth dispels many social media myths and trash talkers. Incorporating a radio station would not have cost any tax dollars.

In Yuba City and Sutter County after spending millions each year waiting for a disaster, leaders could not even get their evacuation message to match-up. Chaos and frustration ensued. Exactly what is gained by having special emergency officials when fire and police do this work every day and actually have a plan to address emergencies? Short on money and not wanting to reduce pensions then maybe cut here.

Could we survive without the counties using radio and print to caution people to wear a hat and drink water during a heat wave? And, don’t forget sunscreen. How about reminding us to wear a coat when chilly out? Short on money, cut here.

Do taxpayers really have to pay for male and female condoms, dental dams and the like so some people can have them free? Sexually transmitted diseases are increasing even after condom bombing both counties. Maybe this has less to do with the item and more to do with lack of intelligence.

Can’t people fund their own sex so we can fund pensions? Or maybe businesses or nonprofits could provide the products as a promo? Liquor stores could offer a bunch of condoms for a certain priced purchase or attach them to a pack of cigarettes or maybe we could permit their purchase with an EBT card. That makes sense because some liberals argue that abortion cuts down on the number of future criminals. If that’s true, then EBT-purchased condoms could slow generational welfare. There is a method to this madness.

Paying for the health costs of keeping smokers alive is a fortune, but why does the government have to provide anti-smoking education and cessation classes versus the medical community? Health organizations like Sutter North are already contacting their patients offering all kinds of incentives for check-ups, tune-ups and good behavior. Giving tobacco taxes to the medical community to offer services would be far less expensive than hiring government employees.

Government rehabilitation efforts have the lowest recovery rates for addicts and alcoholics. Why are we using tax dollars for this when private and more specifically spiritually-based rehabs are having the success? Of course, God forbid that taxpayers’ money go to effective religious nonprofits. Why doesn’t government just stop doing what doesn’t work?

Government is the disease for which it pretends to be the cure. A socialist welfare system lean on love and no accountability costs a fortune and sucks the self-worth and pride from recipients. The system ruins people. Meth eventually ruins users as well but at least makes them feel wonderful while on the way.

The entitlement mentality crippling generations of Americans was created and is maintained and defended by government. Recipients have a disdain for people in a place of superiority that do not demand a fair exchange for goods provided.

God created people to work and serve others. Robbing people of this mission is evil and destructive. Giving hand-outs without accountability and reciprocity says people are not worthy to provide a service for the help.

Welfare has done far more to harm society than drugs and alcohol could ever do. Now government wants more and more money to do more damage. That’s just crazy.

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