Socialists are Deadly


by Lou Binninger

Socialism / communism and its barkers are toxic and share no values with the freedom-loving and enterprising founders of America.  The socialist’s goal is to agitate, disrupt and control society at any cost. Loss of life and freedom are justifiable costs to achieve control of the society’s reins.

There is no morality or righteousness guiding socialism. The Khmer Rouge of Cambodia killed their countrymen who wore glasses because they were educated and would resist the revolution. Many city dwellers were killed since their preference to live in the cities revealed their loyalty to capitalism.

Technocrats were forced from the capitol of Phnom Penh to work in the fields while illiterate farmers were sent to manage the cities. Western-style hospitals were burned to be replaced by folk medicine. Schools and books were burned. Traditional education was unnecessary.

Most city people were sent to re-education camps to learn how to conform to the speech and thought of the new regime. Those that questioned or resisted were killed.

Millions of people died from starvation, disease, overwork and execution. From 1975-1979, this quest for a utopia resulted in the deaths of between 1.5 - 2.0 million people or 21-24% of the 1975 Cambodian population. For socialists it was merely the cost of doing business.

This same spirit of indoctrination and enforced group think is at work at every level of American society. There is a rejection of Biblical morality replaced by a faux ‘morality’ of the state. It is a top down totalitarian oppression that must be followed or there will be consequences.

New York City politicians decided people should not smoke cigarettes or drink large sugary sodas. The courts rejected the soda limit but the price of a pack of cigarettes is now $13 a pack.

On July 17, 2014 Eric Garner was once again peddling single cigarettes on the corner, a common legal hustle in many nations but it makes you a criminal in NY. Bureaucrats are making millions off the sin tax and Garner was skimming on the rich man’s turf.

That put the police in between socialist politicians, arbitrary policies and a guy trying to earn a few dollars. Garner, a big man, resisted law enforcement and in the take down Garner had an asthma attack triggered by a choke hold and died.

This is the same city that is giving sanctuary to illegal criminal aliens and mocking Immigration and Customs Enforcement. So, who or what was Garner really hurting, maybe the pride of socialist politicians, who would protect a rapist or MS-13 gang member? This is the insanity of socialist think.

In California, we usually arrest child molesters. However, now our legislators mandate that we honor pedophile homosexual Harvey Milk each year on May 22. Milk’s deviant sexual ways with underage boys have now been glorified and included in our educational curriculum as heroic.

On May 8-9 our state school board endorsed every weird and perverted gender identity nonsense you could fantasize about to be taught to our elementary students including every type of sexual behavior short of sex with animals.

The child whose family follows Jesus will be the ‘Eric Garner’ on campus. This student will be considered a narrow minded, hateful, intolerant law breaker and exited from the campus. The Bible is now considered hate speech to the left.

Garner is a casualty of social engineering. Socialist rules made a common criminal of Garner trying to cash-in on selling a few smokes. Kids who follow Jesus or believe there are just male and female are the next to be criminalized and punished.

Whether in Cambodia, Cuba, China, Vietnam, North Korea or New York socialists make- up the rules as they go along and then punish the nonconformists. If you are ever in Phnom Penh don’t miss the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum to see the faces of thousands of innocent people murdered by socialist nut cases. Tuol Sleng, once an elementary school became one of 196 torture and execution centers created to establish a utopia in Cambodia.