Right to Kill


by Lou Binninger

California liberal politicians are causing businesses and the middle class to flee the state but are now wooing abortion tourism. Governor Gavin Newsom is encouraging mothers to bring their child to the Golden State to meet his or her demise as some states are stopping the slaughter.

            Newsom along with Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Washington Governor Jay Inslee issued a joint statement to all governors saying, “In the absence of federal leadership on this issue, states must step up and put in place their own protections – both in statute and in their state constitutions, and through the expansion of family planning and education – to defend every American’s right to reproductive freedom.”

The governors are referring to the freedom for women to kill their offspring. In the governors’ full statement the word child is never used. And “every American’s rights” leaves out the rights of the father and the child being done in.

However, ending a life makes some sense in a gnarly way. Many of us probably at a low point in our lives thought about killing someone, if we could get away with it. They may have been our spouse, our ex, or another that was having sex with our partner, or a ‘low-life’ that stole from us, or just did us wrong, maybe it’s a troublesome neighbor that’s been a ‘pain in the ass’ for years.

            Poisoning the person, stabbing or cutting them into pieces would be such a relief. They now are gone and no longer a source of irritation or burden. The deed sets us free to pursue our dreams. This is a convenient resolve for our turmoil and trouble. It allows us to start over, move on.

            If we are convinced we evolved from apes, you know, slime plus time gives us Billie, it really makes no difference whether we shoot hoops, shoot heroin or shoot our neighbor. Who’s to say what the rules are anyway?

            If mothers can kill as many children as they want in California, maybe the rest of us could be allowed to kill two adults that totally piss us off. Kill permits could be obtained at a cost like deer tags are purchased nowadays.

            One night at the Emergency Department a dead man’s head was three times the normal size from being repeatedly kicked with steel-toed construction boots. He was caught in bed with the assailant’s wife. This would pose no trouble for the legal system as long as the husband had a kill permit. This would also be a cash-cow for state politicians.

            Casinos offer freebies, coupons and the like. Newsom could arrange for hotel deals, transportation discounts, price cuts at outlet stores and such for the abortion tourists.

            Newsom is a political innovator, as San Francisco Mayor he began marrying same-sex couples, though against the law. He could now offer ‘Cali’ birth-remorse solutions, only available here. If someone gave birth and then in the first 30-days were completely overwhelmed, then our Governor could put the child down rather than be a torment to the mother for decades. This is true reproductive freedom and should be a civil right.

In most states medical regulations governing surgical procedures at abortuaries are not enforced, and underage females brought to killing centers by adult men (‘boyfriends,’ pimps and sex traffickers) are not reported to authorities. This idea of mandatory reporting to protect our innocent underage children is not so popular today.

Newsom has an opportunity to be the national trend-setter for killing children from conception through the first month after birth. And, by continuing to ignore health regulations and mandatory reporting he could corner the market on the pedophile, pimp and sex profiteer business.

You may recall that when investigative journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt exposed Planned Parenthood selling the parts from aborted babies, Attorney General Kamala Harris prosecuted the journalists and not those involved in the illegal baby parts market. Journalists and babies are expendable. The abortion and baby parts industry is not.

With thousands of businesses and millions of hard-working people leaving the state this is Newsom’s and his Sacramento socialists’ redemption, a chance to be the national leaders for the right to kill.