The Tyranny of Barack


by Lou Binninger

While the narcissist Barack Obama insists his administration had no scandals, the True the Vote vs IRS harassment case may be coming to a close. You remember, when asked by the media about the “IRS Scandal,” Obama replied that reading the newspaper was the first he heard about it. That’s right all our Presidents seem to be the last to the party.

Prior to Obama’s second election campaign he sought to stomp-out the conservative opposition by eliminating its organizers. He commissioned IRS leadership to slow down or not approve 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 nonprofit organization applications. Illegal probing and questioning were done of the organizations and their members.  Tea Party chapters, religious organizations and voter integrity and get-out-the-vote applications were all targeted.   

When the Obama administration was questioned about the bias and harassment it was completely denied, but then “We will investigate and punish those responsible.” Such a liar that Obama.  

While most Americans today are passive, lacking much they are willing to have a street-fight over, Lois Lerner of the IRS and her alphabet soup of enforcement agencies picked the wrong lady in Texas to jack slap.

According to True the Vote it was in 2010 that the IRS, the Department of Justice (DOJ), the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), began targeting Bryan and Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote. The battle lasted years and sought to bury Englebrecht and her organization in government bureaucracy. A “barrage of attacks,” including 23 separate audits, investigations, and inquiries, were used to stop True the Vote from its work.      

The weight of the federal government coming down on the Engelbrechts, their business and True the Vote was so intense and far-reaching that it was obvious the federal government targeted them. Some agencies went after them twice.     

 At its core, it’s about control through fear,” Catherine Engelbrecht said. “They wanted to silence us so they overwhelmed us on all sides. It was a multi-front war we were facing. It was designed to make us go away, to scare us, to break us, to try to turn public opinion against us. The coordination was through all facets. It was just mind-blowing. But ten years later, on the other side of it, the lesson for True the Vote and all citizens is that as citizens, we are called to stand up, and we are called to engage. The lesson, I think, that is so engrained in my mind is: ‘Speak out. We are the government. We are not subjects to whatever it is they want to push down our throats.’ There are things that are constitutional and can be protected. Hopefully, we set a great example for that.”     

 True the Vote was an offshoot of the King Street Patriots, a nonprofit Tea Party organization founded by Engelbrecht and initially active in Texas. Several members of the King Street Patriots, including Engelbrecht, its president, were dissatisfied with the voting process in Harris County, Texas, during the 2008 election, especially the shortage of poll workers, which they believed "invited fraud and other problems at the polls." So, they founded the voting integrity group in summer 2009.

True the Vote wanted honest elections, anathema to liberals who prefer the dead, dogs, unidentifiable strangers and anyone over for dinner to vote. Liberals tend to lose honest campaigns thus they insist that particularly Blacks and other minorities are too stupid to obtain an identification card to vote or use a condom. However, Blacks interviewed on the streets in Harlem, NY all had ID’s. Sadly, most are still a cheap date for democrats.     

U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton ruled in favor of True the Vote, and penalized the IRS, forcing the tax agency to pay maximum attorney’s fees due to the IRS’s discrimination against the conservative organization that stemmed from the Lois Lerner scandal surfacing in 2010.           

“The conduct of the IRS and the government was nothing short of shocking,” Brock Akers of the Akers Firm, one of True the Vote’s attorneys, said in the release. “This ruling ought to reflect a collective sigh of relief from everyone that the judicial system really can be turned to for a just end to this nightmare. Check one in favor of Justice v. Swamp.”   

Founding Fathers would describe the Obama government as tyrannical.