Camp Popeye

by Lou Binninger


The newest lawless territory in Marysville is Camp Popeye behind the abandoned Popeye’s Restaurant on Tenth. Anything goes -- drug deals,  ‘tweakers’ screaming at one another all night as their dog joins in, garbage everywhere, a guy sits in an upholstered chair like a throne in the parking lot surrounded by stray mattresses.

Two weeks ago, squatters started a fire along the fence adjacent to a line of houses to the north. Smoke drifted through the formerly tame neighborhood prior to Marysville Fire’s arrival.

Last week, four humans were draped across the asphalt lot like sea lions laid out on the pier in San Francisco. Anything goes here.  A single mother arose for work in a nearby residence to find someone removed all four wheels and the battery from her VW. Where there is no fear of consequences, people take what they want and do what they will.

This city management philosophy is the polar opposite of the ‘Fixing Broken Windows’ theory of taming the lawless. This is called ‘Look the Other Way’ theory. The only thing missing in the Popeye’s alley is a homicide. ‘Fixing Broken Windows’  says if you ignore the stripped car, the petty law breaking etc. you will eventually get a home invasion, sexual assault or homicide. Address the petty issues to prevent the more gnarly deviance.

No surprises here except for government paralysis. Today’s ‘liberal brilliance’ is to ignore problems and make excuses. Thank God for Elite Security keeping a lid on it where they are hired. One of their security guards was even confronted by a miscreant last week.

A nineteen-year-old woman from the house with the stripped car says she’s afraid of being assaulted at night walking to shop at Walgreens. You must pay a price or withstand a hustle to visit nearby Panda Express, CVS, Starbucks, Tri Counties Bank etc. Vagrants go behind the bushes at Walgreens to do their business unhindered.

A federal judge ruled that forbidding vagrants, the homeless, whomever, to squat on public properties is ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ while they wallow in their addiction, behave like animals and die in their misery. This is the liberal’s 21st Century version of compassion.

This judge is a socialist kook. This is the same spirit of stupid that traps single mothers in welfare and believes that the government can be the father to their children.

Has the judge been tested for syphilis? The disease affects the brain in advanced stages.

Arresting and booking people under the influence and for petty crimes gives the judicial system, probation and drug counselors the opportunity to address the arrestee’s issues and get them to a drug program. This approach is successful in other states where recovered addicts are grateful that someone cared enough to detain them and stop their insanity.

Funding addicts until they are mindless and feces covered is not compassion or freedom. It is lawless, barbaric and ignorant. If a judge declared the sun circles the earth would we teach it?

Former Sutter County Sheriff Parker said we could not arrest our way out of this (homeless) problem. Can anyone name a deviant behavior that we have eradicated by arrests? Is that the mission?

Murder, rape, molestation, robbery, spousal abuse etc. have never stopped but we are still arresting people for these crimes. Arrests have not eradicated criminal behavior going all the way back to Cain and Abel (first family and first murder).

The judge’s directive to add one more facility in each community before trespassing laws can be enforced proves that he is an idiot. Has anyone drug tested him lately? Most cities have options locally or nearby that these people have refused.

The government created this problem by funding deviant behavior for decades. Economist Walter Williams says if you want more of something then subsidize it. If you want less, tax it. Hundreds of millions of tax dollars along with church charity are causing the problem to increase, but it sure makes the donors and politicians feel like they are saving the world.