Tom Sally Jussie and the Libs

by Lou Binninger


Under President “we don’t have a strategy yet” Obama Isis was allowed to burn and destroy historic landmarks, museums pieces, artifacts and anything else of the past. Isis wanted to eradicate all that was not Islamic. The evil crusade was extreme, deranged and nonsensical, like liberals.

            In America, the left has been sparing statues of Lenin, not John and Marx, not Groucho while feeling demonically troubled by anything Confederate, the South or anyone believed to have owned slaves. In Oregon even statues of frontiers people must go.

            Liberals like to purge and rewrite history and lie about the present. Whites are racist even if they weren’t and must pay reparations. If liberals get their facts wrong to punish people, the justification is their motives are right. Remember the Duke Lacrosse team members that didn’t rape the black stripper but were declared guilty, lost their good name, school and freedom while the entire affair was a lie perpetrated by the “victim” and the media?

            Duke University purged the Lacrosse coach and the entire athletic program before the trial began. How about the Tawana Brawley hoax in Wappingers Falls, New York?  A black teen girl falsely accused four white men of raping her in November 1987. An innocent accused cop killed himself. A prosecuting attorney lost his marriage and his employment. The pack of national black hucksters boosted their media face time exploiting these pitiful black women.

            Reports of black students being harassed on campus and such are usually hoaxes created by blacks. The black homosexual actor Jussie Smollett case may be the most recent staged racist attack. After Smollett’s breaking of numerous laws the case was dropped due to his color, sexual preference, acting career and being a liberal. Rules apply to normal people. Smollett is an untouchable.

            For decades, liberals have taken cheap shots at the founding fathers - not Christian, liars, slave owners, screwed ponies in a pinch. Writer of the Declaration of Independence and President of the United State Thomas Jefferson was said to have routinely mated with his slave Sally Hemings. It was a done deal.  People must have witnessed the intercourse or Sally was a real talker.

            The charge was first made in 1802 by muckraking, racist, alcoholic journalist, James Callender, who had served prison time for his writing broadsides. Callender tried to blackmail Jefferson into appointing him postmaster at Richmond after Callendar worked for Jefferson. When that failed, seeking revenge he publicly accused Jefferson of fathering the first-born son of Sally Hemings. The writer referred to Hemings as "a slut as common as the pavement."

            No respected historian believed this accusation. This was the 1862 version of 2016 Mitt Romney sucking-up to Trump for an cabinet appointment, being declined, then spasmodically trashing the President ever since.

            Experts who have taken issue with books and articles falsely accusing Jefferson have been called “racists” which silence them.

            In 1998, retired pathologist Dr. Eugene Foster performed a DNA test on the Y-chromosomes of living male descendants of Sally Hemings, as well as those from Jefferson's paternal uncle. The Y-chromosome is passed from male to male, so, if the story were true, Hemings' male descendants ought to have the Y-chromosome of the Jefferson male bloodline.

Hemings' firstborn son, Tom -- the Tom whose birth was the basis for Callender's accusation -- was not related to any Jefferson male. Foster's study did establish that Hemings' last-born son, Eston, was the son of some Jefferson male, but could not say whether that was Thomas Jefferson or any of the other 25 adult male Jeffersons living in Virginia at the time, eight of them at or near Monticello.

For Eston to be Thomas Jefferson's son, five years after being falsely accused of fathering Hemings’ firstborn Tom, Jefferson would have decided to have a child with her. Eston’s father is more likely to be the President’s younger brother Randolf who frequently visited Monticello and the slaves’ quarters, off-limits to the President.

In response to DNA proof that only one of Hemings' children was related to any Jefferson male -- and her firstborn son was definitely not fathered by any Jefferson -- the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the Monticello Association and the National Genealogical Society announced their official positions: Thomas Jefferson fathered all six of Hemings' children! Guided tours of Monticello today include the provably false information that Jefferson fathered all of Hemings' children.

Are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on the non-profit boards of these organizations? In spite of DNA proof the lie lives on in the liberal media and schools. This is reason enough to remove your offspring from government mis-education.

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