Feucht Takes on Garamendi

by Lou Binninger


penceSean Feucht (foreground of Mike Pence) with pastors and worship leaders praying for President Trump at Whitehouse



       Author, recording artist, business owner and missionary Sean Feucht (pronounced foyt) is challenging 45-year politician Congressman John Garamendi to represent California’s Third District (Colusa, Sutter, and Yuba counties plus portions of Glenn, Lake, Sacramento, Solano, and Yolo counties) in Washington D.C.


            The seventy-four-year-old Garamendi was first elected to the California Assembly in 1974. He entered politics after graduating from college and serving two years in the Peace Corps. Garamendi has also been elected to the State Senate, as Insurance Commissioner and Lt. Governor of California. He was appointed to be Deputy Secretary of the Interior under President Bill Clinton.


            Garamendi, a democrat, has represented the Third District since its borders were redrawn to take in more liberal regions on the edge of the Bay Area. Garamendi has been a loyal liberal, is a staunch advocate of Obamacare, voted to impeach President Trump and repeatedly preserved the right to kill babies at any time in the birthing process. He also voted against extra terrorist screening for immigrants from Iraq and Syria.


            The top industries supporting Garamendi in 2019 have been unions (transportation, building, industrial, government employees) and real estate. Usually 70%-80% of his financial support comes from outside District 3.



            Conservative millennial Sean Feucht says, “I am running because it's time for average Americans who have no desire to be politicians to stand up and change our country’s path before it’s too late.” Feucht is tired of big government, excessive regulations and the assault on Constitutional rights.


            “I am running for the unborn, the unheard, the forgotten and millions of unengaged hardworking Americans who have lost hope in politics.”


“I'm running to restore common sense to government. All Americans deserve a government that empowers the individual and restores decision-making to the states and local communities, where people are best equipped to fix the nation's problems.”


Kate Feucht describes her husband in a video ad as “A man of faith, a man of mission, a man of character and integrity, not driven by ego but purpose. A man that knows what feeding the hungry, protecting the vulnerable, fighting for one's beliefs is all about...”


The father of four says that the “government is morally and economically bankrupt” and he attacks “leaders who feverishly promote the slaughter of the unborn and the newborn.” Along with running for office Feucht is challenging his generation to quit whining and waiting. His message is to not seek a career in politics but determine to make a change in the nation.


Feucht has written five books, including "Integrity: Character of the Kingdom," has produced 20 albums, and is the founder of two businesses and three non-profit organizations.  His nonprofits have made a difference in some of the most oppressed and troubled regions of the world. Sean has brought a message of hope to the Yazidi people of Iraq and the slum children of India, as well as to the people of more than fifty other nations.


Feucht was born and spent his early life in Montana and attended high school in the Virginia Beach, VA area. He graduated from Oral Roberts University majoring in business with a minor in music.


John Garamendi has been a key factor in nearly 50-years of liberal dominance in California. Feucht couldn’t be more different. Voters need to be registered Republican to vote for Feucht in the primary March 3, 2020.