Your One Minute News Digest

By Don Rae

·Democrats in Sacramento want to change the rules of engagement for police. They want local police to act more like Parkland, Florida security during the High School “massacre”. Give the bad guys a “free fire zone”, Moonbeam.

·The Pulse Nightclub shooting in 2016 was touted as a hate crime against gays by the mainstream media and by Loretta Lynch, then Attorney General. In fact, the motive was retaliation for the Middle East wars. The Pulse was only a target of opportunity and a soft target at that, since it was a “gun free” zone. Consider also the Democratic narrative about the Benghazi attack. Again it was supposedly the result of a peaceful demonstration getting out of hand because of a “vile video.” Some politicians can’t help but lie through their eye teeth.

·The huge pot busts recently, revealed Chinese involvement in the “industry.” Thanks California politicians for welcoming Chinese involvement and encouraging more Californians into drug stupors.

·Have you noticed virtually every nature show features a landscape filled with bald eagles? Even Santa Cruz Island off the Southern California coast is home to our national symbol. Weren’t these birds endangered and about to go extinct?According to a recent survey, 9% of millennials believe the Earth is flat. Some 25% percent don’t know if the Earth is round or flat. What are these kids being taught in our schools?

·Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State claims Trump has been lying about voter fraud. Keep in mind that Padilla is a Democrat. Would he know a lie if it bit him on the tip of his nose?

·Democrats attack a census question on citizenship because, they say, it is “unconstitutional.” Utter stupidity, as usual. Everyone will get counted, citizen or not. We’ll know, however, who is a citizen and who isn’t. The Democrats can’t handle that knowledge because they want non-citizens to vote early and often.

·The Oakland Mayor tipped off illegal invaders that ICE was on its way to send them back home. This action seems to be a clear example of obstruction of Justice. Why is she still running loose?

·Michelle Obama said recently that Hillary should have been President because she is the most qualified candidate ever to run for the highest office in the land. Say what? Her opinion goes to show how unqualified Michelle is to take part in the public discourse.

·California officials are looking toward requiring local jurisdictions to plan for a 22-foot sea level rise by the middle of the next century. Recall that Senator Moynihan told us decades ago that New York would be under water before 2000. Haven’t these “experts” learned anything by their constant failure to predict anything accurately? Well, we look forward to waterfront property here locally. However, don’t hold your breath.

·A reminder of another “expert” who blew it. Harrison Brown published an article in Scientific American in 1970 opining that we would run out of copper around 2000 and lead, zinc, tin, gold and silver would be gone before 1990. Consider. How accurate was that “expert?”

·$500 million is in the federal budget for Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions. However, the same organization is a big promoter of adoption of dogs. Good grief.

· Moonbeam keeps providing water to fish and to the ocean. But he threatens people with fines and jail for using water. Voters approved bonds to repair and build dams but he refuses to release the money. It is becoming more apparent that the drought did not limit water. The Water Resources Control Board bureaucrats are franticly working away in their little cubicles to permanently ban “wasteful uses” of water like watering your lawn, washing a car and irrigating street medians. And in the legislature, AB 1668 and SB 606, would squeeze off water by setting a limit of 55 gallons per person, per day, for indoor use. Isn’t it comforting how hard Moonbeam is working to help the folks?

Do you think that all the “unaccompanied minors” jumping the border are hard working, law-abiding additions to our communities? Ninety-nine MS-13 gang members picked up over the past year claimed they were “unaccompanied minors.” Thanks, Obama. The Los Angeles Times began an article on police shooting by saying that it is probable that the person they shot (usually a Black man) probably never posed a threat. Perhaps the Times ought to let their reporters and editors do ride-alongs with the police before they make such ignorant statements.And to follow the same line of reasoning, McClatchy news apparently thinks the underground pot market still thrives because of all the taxes and regulations thrown at the industry. More likely it will stay underground because the profits are huge, the Chinese are actively involved and a mish-mash of stupid bureaucratic laws, rules and regulations are joyfully passed by thousands of jurisdictions.Of course McClatchy news goes on to tout their reasoning that Trump is hitting back at California because he doesn’t like California’s policies. How about California is not following the Constitution or the Federal law?Lots of Democrats are bloviating about EPA fuel standards and the “trend” toward more electric cars. Lots of luck. Think of the cost of infrastructure. How will tourists from other states and countries find the gas to fuel their cars? Maybe the idea of killing off a major economic engine needs a bit more thought.Remember the fact that California now has more residents on welfare than it has persons productively employed. Why? Perhaps because being on welfare pays around the equivalent of $30 an hour while the average job pays $24.Celebrating diversity has its downside. Diversity breeds group isolation; isolation breeds ethnocentrism; ethnocentrism breeds xenophobia; the result is lethal. We keep hearing about Special Counsels and Russian collusion. Unfortunately for the country, Mueller is engaged in a Democratic initiated witch hunt using Hillary and DNC supporters as his attack dogs. Enough is enough. Knock it off.

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