By Don Rae

· Why is Roseanne fired and dozens of lefties in entertainment and politics retain their jobs and the mainstream media doesn’t offer a peep? Very simple, ABC was horrified that Roseanne brought in a huge audience for her pro-Trump views. ABC couldn’t wait to find a reason to dump her. And lately the same clowns are talking about re-booting” the series, but without Roseanne? Who would replace her? Hillary? Behar?

· Do you fly a lot? Did you know that under Obama the FAA reduced the qualifications for Air Traffic Controller – in the name of diversity? Shouldn’t qualifications for a job where the consequence of error is life or death, be based totally on job related knowledge and skill? What about it, Garamendi?

· The mainstream media simply can’t get over itself. The Tribune Washington Bureau in its first sentence about the Supreme Court bakery case claims the verdict was “narrow.” 7-2 is narrow? Bias galore.

· And then a couple of days later a so-called comedian Samantha Bee cussed about Ivanka Trump. More than likely she’ll get a “Key to the City” from West Hollywood.

· It appears that MSNBC pushed the FBI into investigating how Joy Behar’s emails got hacked, knowing at the time that the “hacking” did not occur and was fake news. Why haven’t those responsible been charged with knowingly filing a fraudulent crime report?

· Mike Rowe, an Eagle Scout, mealy-mouthed his feelings during a segment with Tucker Carlson on the Boy Scouts taking “boy” out of their lexicon. He has shown himself to be as much of a moral coward as the current Boy Scout executives who have caved into the “anti-boy” agenda.

· The hate the left tries to generate goes to new lengths. Democrats tweet pictures from 2014 showing illegal alien children in steel cages. They thought they’d get away with using the 2014 picture to bash Trump. Why aren’t those responsible fired?

· Thirty-eight people were shot in gun-controlled Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend. Gun control (listen up Hogg) has been the go-to solution to crime for decades. The city even banned handgun ownership in 1982, only to have the ban overturned by the courts. Chicago is also a Democrat controlled city. So, what else is new?

· It would be interesting to see who’s moving into California. Moonbeam and friends appear to be focusing on the homeless and illegal invaders to take the place of middle class folks jumping ship to Texas and Idaho. Coming along for the ride is disease (such as had been eradicated decades ago in this Country). In addition healthcare and welfare funds are running out.

· Moonbeam signed a pair of bills requiring everyone in the state to reduce their water consumption by 50% starting in 2022. The fish will get all they want however. So will Southern California. Aren’t lefties the saviors of the little guy?

· And then these bought and paid for union lovers passed a bill to rid the State of arbitration clauses in employment contracts. Great. More work for attorneys. More clogged up courts. More cost to employees and employers. Where do these fools get these idiotic ideas?

· The Democrats literally added fuel to the fire. They agreed to let Elon Musk market flamethrowers to the public. How hypocritical is that stupidity. Add flamethrowers to the arsenal in the streets while they are worried about how many rounds a rifle magazine can hold? In the near future, some 20,000 people may be walking the streets with the devices, which resemble toy guns but can emit flames at least 2 feet long. Not only did your lawmakers approve the sale, but they killed a bill which would have reined in recreational fire-spitting.

Higher oil prices are translating directly to soaring gas prices,” declared Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, “something we know disproportionately hurts middle- and lower-income people.” If Chucky-boy is right then why have Democrats spent the past two decades advocating policies that artificially spike fossil fuel prices?

· Did you attend the Starbucks anti-bias training? Did you enjoy the video on white cops beating up blacks? Isn’t that a super way to create a business atmosphere of anti-bias and inclusion. Some snowflake in the Starbucks hierarchy has no common sense and is illiterate in the field of bias-training.

· Where is the “Maltese Professor” who fed the Trump people the Russky info? Is he where all old spies go when they become a liability? Who “dun” it?

· The “experts” are complaining that California is underreporting hate crimes because local jurisdictions don’t have the “right” policies in place. Really? A lower hate crime rate doesn’t fit the narrative. Well, perhaps all crime should be called “hate crimes” – which they probably are in reality – so the snowflakes can feel good about themselves.

· Let’s see the sequence. Trump agrees to a summit with North Korea. North Korea responds by blasting Pence. Trump says, if that’s how you feel meet with yourself. In pops Pelosi chortling over the mess. North Korea almost immediately comes back with an apology and says we’d still like to talk. Trump says okay. Pelosi is stuck with being a toothless mouse.

· The head of the Border Patrol Union spouts off that the National Guard on the southern border is useless. Now why would he do that? Simple. National Guard troops don’t pay dues to the union. Got it?

· Weinstein was indicted and charged in New York. Not in California. If it were in Hollywood Babylon, he’d also get the key to the city from West Hollywood.

· On that clever note, if you look at the long list of sexual harassers outed recently, you will see an army of Democrats. Not quite the “Champions of Women” they claim to be.

· Moonbeam says Trump bailing out of the (ridiculous) Paris climate accord is “far more serious than anyone is saying.” True. It exposes the fraud which Brown perpetuates.

· According to the mainstream media Dinesh D’Souza’s pardon is “another in a pattern of using that near-absolute presidential power for moves based on political whim or convenience....” Did the snowflakes in the media say the same thing about Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich?

· The loonies in power in Sacramento threw out measures designed to provide better oversight and safety of the Oroville Dam, among other potential problem structures. At the same time they pooh-pahed a measure designed to improve school safety. Obviously the powers in charge care little about the safety of Californians.

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