By Don Rae

*The Democrats know all about concentration camps. Wasn’t it Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat icon, who uprooted more than 110,000 Japanese Americans and caged them behind barbed wire and gun towers at places like Manzanar in the Eastern Sierra.

*What is the matter with Democrats? Are they so deranged that they can’t think logically and with common sense? They scream their tonsils out and stomp their feet over illegal children at the southern border. But they said nothing about the same condition during Obama’s term of office. They ignore the plight of American children homeless on the streets of their Democrat controlled cities. And to make matters more confounding, they demand that our tax dollars go to support abortion clinics where American babies are torn from the mother’s womb.

*The family name Strzok apparently came out of Poland. In fact, the family’s homeland was that part of Poland which, during the partition which came about as part of the Nazi/Soviet Union non-aggression pact in 1939, was taken over by the Russians. So, there you go Democrats, the Russian connection. It is Peter Strzok. Case closed.

*California is looking to create a “fake news” advisory group in order to monitor information posted and spread on social media. Senate Bill 1424 would require government to decide what we can know, decide what information we are allowed and by extension, who can give it to us. We’re headed toward “1984” as fast as the Democrats can run.

*The worst photos of migrant children held in detention facilities were taken in 2014 while Obama was President. But the fake news mainstream media is using the emotional issue to beat up on Trump because Russia didn’t work, gun control fell flat on its face and even Stormy Daniels was a bust. (pun intended)

*A Federal judge in San Diego has required that all migrant children in detention be given back to their parents “immediately.” Of course, that supposes that the children crossed the border with their parents, not “uncles” MS13, drug traffickers and the like. But our main concern is whether that judge is educated enough to have read the travel ban decision announced shortly before his “do-gooder” demand. Judge, the Supreme Court has confirmed that the President has constitutional authority to deal with immigration, not you, a snowflake in San Diego.

*It is reported that Mexicans living in the United States are eligible to vote in Mexican elections. So much for assimilation.

*Al Gore did his movie and book about “An Inconvenient Truth” not really about a potential global climate catastrophe, but more likely because of his hate for America which did not award him the presidency.

*Leftists are really going all out to attack those who don’t believe as they do, calling them Nazis. However, their tactics and behavior is frighteningly similar to the German Brown Shirts of the 1930s. Sick and highly dangerous. Very sick and very dangerous.

*· Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite of the first magnitude. Her husband owns some $17million in Star-Kist stock, a Del Monte product. Star-Kist is a major contributor to Pelosi’s political war chest. Star-Kist employs 75% of the American Samoan workforce. In 2007 when the minimum wage was increased from $5.15 to $7.25, Pelosi had American Samoa exempted from the increase. Pelosi knows what Washington corruption is.

*Where’s your evidence Schiff-head? (Thanks, Clint). We’re waiting.

*OPEC gave into pressure from Trump to increase oil production and, hopefully, gas prices will react positively. But was there even mention of this success in the mainstream media?

*Freedom of speech is taking a severe hit in Great Britain. A reporter trying to cover a trial of Muslim youth accused of raping young girls was thrown into jail. The government of Britain said, “no coverage” of the trial. Protection of criminals?

*We’ve already lost perfectly good light bulbs. We have to separate trash into three kinds of waste. We are going to be required to save water by not flushing toilets and peeing in the shower. All because some science-challenged snowflakes believe that Marysville is about to have sea-front property and there will be sea lions hauling out on the Sutter Buttes.

*Some nutty Democrats are spouting the theme that ICE is a terrorist organization. Actually the Obama IRS, the Deep State FBI/DOJ and Maxine Waters better fit the description.

*The United Nations makes the stupid claim that some 18.5 million Americans are in extreme poverty. Another good reason to bail out of that brain-dead organization altogether.

*Further, if America is so horrid, why are millions from all over the world breaking down the borders to come here? Easy answer. The Democrats give them free stuff paid for by Americans.

*If you think that plastic water bottles are okay, but plastic bags are banned – you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots. (Jeff Foxworthy)

*Moonbeam is a Jesuit-trained disappointment. He should retreat to a monastic cell and read “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” by Marc Morano. While he contemplates his navel maybe he would have an epiphany and achieve enlightenment.

*Russia pays Bill Clinton $500K for a speech. Russia gives the Clinton Foundation millions. The Democrats approve giving the Russians significant amounts of our uranium. Isn’t this Russian collusion? The mainstream media ignores all this with spurious claims that all the collusion is with Trump. Idiots.

*Think about the visuals. Illegals parading down American streets waving Mexican flags. If they love Mexico so much, why are they here? Another point. Lots of them are in Russia waving Mexican flags as the Mexican football team performs. If they are so poor and oppressed, where’d they get the funds to travel to Russia?

*The mainstream media is gleefully reporting on the claims that foreign countries are going to charge huge tariffs on US goods because Trump is suggesting the US be treated fairly in trade.

Obviously the so-called reporters can’t understand Trump is using a negotiating tactic designed to bring trade into balance. Of course there is a lot of posturing. Such is the hallmark of negotiating. If only reporters took some hard classes in economics instead of basket weaving and “safe spaces” they might understand.

*Moonbeam keeps sending public money (in the form of tax credits) to Hollywood to keep the snowflakes in business. What do they produce? Gun violence, explosions, car wrecks, gratuitous sex, anti-family themes and so on. Why are we paying for this vile junk? Why do these so-called actors get paid to advocate and teach our children to hate, and solve their problems with guns and violence?


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