Oregon House/Dobbins Water Association

by Jenny Cavaliere

A letter sent by Jeff Maupin, General Manager of North Yuba Water District(NYWD) to the 119 irrigation customers in the communities of Oregon House/Dobbins in late March of this year informing customers that there would be no deliveries of irrigation water this season which begins April 15th to October 15th. Sadly, there was no board participation in this onerous decision.

This letter enraged the farmers, ranchers, folks who own orchards, vineyards, or the many folks who grow a garden for their family. In response to this onerous decision by the manager, a group of irrigation customers met to discuss how to organize the community to become informed and educated.

The Oregon House/Dobbins Water Association mailed postcards to 885 irrigation customers and folks who are annexed into the district, pay taxes and have never received service and invited them to the associations first community meeting.

Please view the video of our Community meeting (May 23, 2018):


The mission of the Oregon House/Dobbins Water Association is to ensure that the communities of Oregon House and Dobbins have a reliable source of water for now and for the future.

Two members of the steering committee met with Congressman John Garamendis’ field representative-Mary Jane Griego and gave her a packet of information regarding this crisis in Oregon House and Dobbins. Eleven members of the association attended Congressman John Garamendi’s town hall meeting in Marysville. The congressman was already aware of the crisis.

As a result of the work of the steering committee, Mr. Garamendi has already had his water representative in Washington contact the associations’ representative to let her know that they are keeping us on their radar for Federal Grant opportunities for piping the OH/D irrigation canal.

Our association is grateful to our new community member from Oregon House, Dr. Gretchen Flohr. Dr. Flohr is a Certified Wildlife Biologist with a 25-year career in academics and consulting. She is a published scientist with a long-standing positive relationship with the regulatory and resource agencies. Gretchen is very persistent and hard-working as it took 22 years to earn first an Associate’s degree and ultimately a Ph.D. – all while raising three children and working full time. Gretchen has run her own biological consulting business for the last seven years, working on conservation issues including as an advocate for the agricultural community. Moving to the rural community of Oregon House realized a life-long dream of hers to establish her own self-sufficient farm, far away from the Madding crowd.

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Oregon House/Dobbins Water Association

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