Presentation Day

By Kiana Walton 4-H reporter

Presentation Day was held at the Brittan Elementary School on February twenty-fourth. This event was a great turn out from many people, from different 4-H clubs. Numerous kids have prepared and worked really hard for this day. To be eligible to go to this event, you have to be five to eighteen years old. Everybody who participates at this big event, gets an award. The levels of awards in order from least to greatest are; white, red, blue, and gold. Whichever level you get, you get a pin for. If you get gold you get to go on to the next level. When picking a presentation, there are many to chose from. They can go from a demonstration, to an educational speech. Presenting in front of others is a great skill to have, and on this day people can show off that skill, and have fun while doing so. Even though doing a presentation is challenging, many kids worked very hard and spoke in front of an audience. At Presentation Day, kids can do a presentation on anything they want. Presentations can go from showing audiences how to crack open an egg, to teaching others about Donald Trump. These were a few examples from last years' presentations. This year's presentation examples were how to make slime, how to prepare a turkey for fair, Korean language, 4-H trips, and the Closet of Hope. In conclusion, by going to Presentation Day and presenting about a topic of your choice, you are not only getting an award, but also learning about other topics, learning speaking skills for the future, showing confidence and bravery, and much more. Thank you all who participated and came to this year's Presentation Day, and I hope you will present again next time!

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