Dobbins Elementary Garden Established by Local Eagle Scout

Garden Picture   6 13 18Local Eagle Scout, Charlie Lovell, was looking for his Senior Eagle Project. He thought of coming to the local elementary school, Dobbins Elementary. He asked the principal, Duane Triplett, if they had anything that needed to be done. The principal mentioned that he was just thinking about their school garden. “Our school garden has been run down for years with no one to take care of it,” said Mr. Triplett. “We are thinking of having classes to come and repair the garden to get it going.” But at that, moment Charlie knew what he was going to do for his Eagle Project. He was going to repair the Dobbins Elementary school garden!

The first thing that he had to do was sketch a proposal or idea of what he wanted. Charlie then sketched out the plan. It was not as sufficient as he thought it should be, so he decided to make some alterations to it by realigning the water system and much more. After the changes were made, it was going to be as close to perfect as it could be. He had a great plan he was happy and proud of. He was ready to get his hands dirty.

The next step in Charlie’s plan was to see if anybody would help by donating money toward his project to help get it in the ground (literally). That's when the local Ace Hardware, owned by Mike and Shelly Mangini, came into play. Ace Hardware donated a sizable amount to Charlie’s Eagle Project. Now that he had some money he was now able to get the necessary supplies and get started. In the process of getting all of his supplies, he had cleared out the closest three Home Depot gardening areas!

Charlie came to the school ready to dig in and plant pumpkins, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, and cucumbers. He wanted to give the students of Dobbins Elementary an overall comprehensive garden experience provided with both vegetables and fruit that can be eaten throughout the school year. His hope is to have the students help keep the garden clean and maintained by picking as many weeds that may grow in the future. This helps to ensure local pride in the community and depth of understanding in plant life cycles as well as health benefits of eating local and organic foods.

Charlie was able to finish the garden project within three weekends with the help of some of his scout friends. Charlie Lovell was done with his Eagle Project! After the conclusion of his project, Dobbins Elementary School had a schoolwide gathering to honor Charlie for his amazing effort and work!

Written by Dobbins 6th Grade Class: Gabriella Barker, Paula Lovell, Hailey Kneebone, and Taylor Holt

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