The Appearing Series Arrives in Dobbins Pastors Robert Fisher and Shawn Boonstra

Dobbins Ca.

More has been written in the Bible about the second coming of Jesus Christ than any other prophecy. Is the time near? Pastors Robert Fisher and Shawn Boonstra will lead a timely and interactive discussion at Vivian Johnson Hall, 10034 Marysville Road in Dobbins, starting Thursday, October 11 at 6 p.m. Local Dobbins radio station KIIW-LP 93.3 FM and the Dobbins Seventh-day Adventist Church are sponsoring the workshops; there is no cost to attend. A light dinner will be served at 5 p.m. Registration for the event is at www.appearing.org/Dobbins.

As global unrest and natural disasters across the planet build in intensity and frequency, many are left wondering if the time is near. Join Shawn Boonstra from the Voice of Prophecy as he explores the myths and facts that surround the Appearing—an event mentioned over 2,500 times in the Bible.

All workshop attendees will receive a free copy of The Appearing book from author Shawn Boonstra covering the circumstances and events surrounding The Second Coming. The first of five presentations is “A Planet in Upheaval,” Thursday evening, October 11. The next presentations will be held Friday, October 12, “The Abomination of Desolation” at 6 p.m.; Saturday, October 13, “The Appearing” at 11 a.m., “Prophecy Interrupted” at 2 p.m., and “The Battle of Armageddon” at 4 p.m. A free luncheon will be held Saturday at noon at Vivian Johnson Hall, 10034 Marysville Road in Dobbins prior to the last two workshops.

Pastor Shawn Boonstra is speaker/director for the Voice of Prophecy (VOP) ministry. His broadcasts, live seminars and books have been a source of inspiration around the globe, and over the years, his live events have been presented on every continent except Antarctica. Each week, he hosts VOP’s flagship broadcast, Disclosure. The program—which features his wife, VOP Associate Speaker Jean Boonstra, and special guests—takes a look at current events and trends, with an emphasis on how the Bible’s perspective on today’s issues is more relevant than ever. Robert Fisher has a Masters of Divinity degree, and has shared these Bible prophecies around the world. He served as a pastor in Pennsylvania prior to relocating to Northern California with his wife and three children.

Vivian Johnson Hall is located at 10034 Marysville Road in Dobbins. Please call 530.701.5339 for more information.

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