Just what is this "clustering" business that Nick Spaulding, Tom Richards, and Randy Fletcher are trying to ram-rod through on us in the foothills?


In short, they want the county to change the land-use ordinance, to be able to put in a lot more houses, mainly big subdivisions, back in the boonies, off the main roads, which would increase the population dramatically


And this new night-mare would include a huge swath of land from south of Collins Lake to the northern borders of Yuba County.


All this would greatly worsen a very precarious fire situation as well as make worse our lack of water, bad roads and bad traffic, and crime. The area would be less rural and less



Nick Spaulding claims to know it all on the clustering subject, but he has little regard for the facts. He is one big snow job ! But what is he getting out of it? He has been a stalwart member of the Fellowship of Friends for 25 years or more . But the President of the Fellowship , Mr. Greg Holman, claims "Spaulding is not on our payroll".


Again, what is Mr. Spaulding getting out of this long-term and heart-rending crusade??? He, himself, owns no land in Yuba County and seems to be in no position to buy subdivision land

and/or be a developer.


On the other hand, the Fellowship owns 700 acres on Dixon Hill Road, which could, with a little work, qualify as a "cluster" project. Mr. Holman has stated in public the Fellowship has no plans for such a project. This not surprising, since there is no enabling ordinance as yet. But the Fellowship probably could imagine selling off the 700 acres at a greatly increased cost...if the Spaulding crusade pans out.

Come and learn more and have your say, at another Town Hall meeting at the Ponderosa Community Hall on Ponderosa Road in Brownsville,. on Wednesday, May 11, at 6:30.PM


Hal Stocker

Challenge, Ca.

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