Stocker Not Happy with Spaulding

Spaulding's last letter to the Territorial Dispatch , (8/10/16) , was typical:..a mish-mash of pseudo-legal verbiage designed to snow the reader into believing he, Spaulding, is some sort of supreme authority on most anything, deserving of awe and admiration.

On the contrary, I submit he is just your common con-man , who is working for The Fellowship of Friends (FOF), where he has been a devoted member for some 25 years.


Spaulding's efforts, for the last few years, have been to get Yuba County to loosen zoning in Oregon House, allowing smaller parcels, near the Fellowship center, to make some 700 acres of Fellowship land more valuable for a subdivision. (The land in question has been outside the Community Boundary for many years and thus" sacred, " to most local residents as open be kept "natural." Also, these lands have been protected many years by the Yuba County General Plan, according to the wishes of the public)


Remember, a couple of years ago, Tom Richards, of lower Oregon House, carried on a crusade to get his 6,000 acre ranch re-zoned from 20 and 40-acre parcels to 5-acre parcels (and smaller), for development. This was No Good with the county, of course. There-upon, he set about to get anybody with the county fired if he/she opposed his plans. (Remember the signs on Hi-way 20 , inscribed "FIRE WENDY HARTMAN. Wendy was the Planning Director..and, in time, she was fired.


What do you know? Spaulding and Richards play the same game: If county employees get in their way, get 'em fired.


Spaulding is brazen, as usual. He now writes about firing two Yuba County department heads (Territorial Dispatch, Aug. 10, '16): Angil Morse-Jones, County Counsel, and Kevin Mallen, Director of Community Development. They get in his way!


In his usual murky manner, Spaulding writes that County Counsel is in trouble with the Grand Jury, which is so much malarkey. I researched the last two years of Grand Jury records and found nothing, only that Deputy Counsel turned up at a meeting when he didn't have to. For that, Spaulding would have County Counsel fired!?


And if Mallen is fired, as Spaulding wishes, Yuba County would lose a long-term very dedicated, talented and resourceful leader, whom the county is lucky to have.


When the library needed updating, Mallen was picked to do it ,although it was not down his alley, and he did a bang-up job.


It was Mallen who recognized the potential of Sycamore Ranch, some 6 years ago, when it became available, and he recommended the county buy it. Through grants, Mallen and his helpers have put in improvements making the park very attractive to visitors and a real jewel among Yuba County's beauties.


So, the next time Spaulding favors us with one of his pronouncements , just consider the source and have another beer. Hal Stocker,


Challenge, Ca.

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