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You can still get your Territorial Dispatch at Whitehorse Ranch and Feed. Where we still believe in the 1st Amendment and back it up with the 2nd. A.L.

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Age: I’m at a point in life when it’s time to relocate. Tennessee rather than California because:

Cost of living: The leaders of the state (mostly “liberal”) are, and have had, an insatiable need for money and power. In their zest for power they create laws and regulations that cause massive expenses and costs. Example: a project that had an actual cost of 2 million dollars cost 11 million dollars (the dam improvement for Foresthill). The extra cost is due to taxes, fees, and regulations imposed by state lawmakers. That’s more than 5 times what the actual project cost! Ridiculous! Outrageous!

Politics:A-California has had a majority of Democratic politicians in charge for MANY YEARS. They desire to dictate to every individual what they can and can’t do. It’s becoming more of a feudal or socialistic controlled state. I have many democratic friends. They are mostly genuinely benevolent people, and want to help other folks. Career politicians prey upon these folks, and attempt to create a “dole” system to make people dependent on the government, thus guarantee they they’ll be re-elected. In the substance abuse culture, this is called co-dependency: the government giveaways inhibit the incentive to be self-sufficient.

B- Aliens: In California, illegal aliens have preference/priority over legal citizens. Criminals are not reported to federal authorities. Thus criminals get away to prey upon other citizens. But they vote to keep the majority in power.

C- Pot: Having had a druggie-daughter (now sober, after decades of trying), this really burns me that marijuana was made legal... “for fun” (and tax revenue, of course). Many claim it is not a “gateway” drug, but I disagree... I know otherwise, first hand... that’s how my daughter got started in the drug scene.

D- Bullet train: What a boondoggle the bullet train is... it siphons off taxpayer money that could be used for real good... food/education/homeless/infrastructure, etc. all just to satisfy the ego of a governor and his party.

E- Regulations: California has far too many laws regulations... and fees for everything.

F- Glimmer of hope: The glimmer of hope that California could be realistically divided was obliterated by the Supreme Court (mafia). They should have recused themselves from voting... if it passed, they’d have lost their jobs. That’s a significant conflict of interest.

Fire danger: If the “tree huggers” had not shut down the logging industry 40-50 years ago, there’d be a lot less fuel, smaller fires. People would still have those jobs.

I’m very disappointed to what has happened to California, and my principles forbid me to be complicit in what’s going on here. I’m taking my energy and money to Tennessee... no state income tax! Fewer rules and regulations! A lower cost of living! Property tax $2000 less, insurance cost 50% less, gas 25% less, etc.

Bonus: On the exchange of housing, I’ll be many dollars ahead... my children will get part of their inheritance before I die!

Clifford Johnson