The question is, will Dr. Padgett-Flohr, contender for a position on the North Yuba Water District Board, vote to take water away from existing users?

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As I pass Alton Wright’s campaign signs for Yuba Co. 5th district supervisor, I read the statements, integrity, conflict free, fresh, fair, change,

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I have known John Mistler for a long time and I know he has worked for the benefit of the citizens of Yuba County for all that time. Supervisor

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The Sutter-Yuba Republican Women Federated are holding a luncheon in Yuba City to showcase candidates Fletcher, Mistler and Vasquez, as well as other

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My vote goes to Gretchen Flohr for division four. She is capable, dependable, reasonable and has communication skills. She also actually cares about

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Do You REALLY Want Anarchy In This Country When you vote in the mid-terms in a little more than 3 weeks, one of the main reasons should be the quality

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I attended the supervisor debate at the Government Center on October 3. The subject of the homeless was brought up at the meeting. Mr. Mistler pointed

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Here we are a month out from the General Election, which includes the race for Supervisor of District 5. It’s been a long, hard slog to the finish

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There’s an issue happening in Yuba County and it seems everyone has hit their snooze button. Write-in candidate, John Mistler, has accused incumbent

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This Kavanaugh Thing is Very Dangerous Take note and remember these two quotes by Louisiana Senator John Kennedy last Tuesday, October 2nd, in

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By Cliff Liddy It seems to me that voters tend to vote for a candidate belonging to a given political party vs. voting for a candidate that has put

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I went to District 5 recently. That is Yuba County. As I was driving, I was hoping that the District 5 residents would continue to keep Randy Fletcher

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Who's Brilliant idea was it to put a roundabout in Olivehurst? I understand fully that they are trying to have traffic flow more smoothly into

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By Charlie McNiff Energy and Environment More of President Donald J. Trump Achievements in the last 20 months ESTABLISHING AMERICAN ENERGY DOMINANCEPresident

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It is outrageous so many Catholic priests molest children, when they are supposed to be bringing them to God.

Why doesn’t the Pope declare priests will be able to get married to women, as God made woman to be a companion to man. God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah with hellfire and brimstone. Read it for yourself in the Bible.

I went to Notre Dame grammar school 8 years and they never once opened a Bible to tach us what it said.

Carefully selected versions were called *Catechism. You need to get a Bible and read it for yourself.

Celibate Priests were man’s Law not God’s law, just like fish on Friday. My dad said the Pope wanted fisherman to have money to give him.

Louise Ahart

Marysville, CA

*ps (Catechism: Catholic’s version of the Bible carefully deleted sodomy.)