You would think the leaders of the Democrat party would giving SOME praise to President Trump for his leadership in bringing North Korean dictator Kim

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An article titled North Yuba Water District in the May 30 Territorial Dispatch, states that NYWD plans to "pipe ten miles of the Forbestown Ditch" at

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The more I watch Democrats on TV and their use of language that would embarrass a sailor on prime-time TV. It's the women that upsets me the worst.

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The May 30th edition of your publication contained an editorial written by someone by the name of R. W. Gless, regarding the Deep State. It certainly

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Continuing from last week’s “Collusion Against Trump.” July 1, 2016: Under fire for meeting with former President Clinton amid the probe into his

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Many conservative commentators, investigative reporters and political leaders have called the Robert Mueller investigation of “Russian Collusion with

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I am writing this article today to share information with the citizens of Yuba County regarding Caltrans and their plans for Highway 70 in the

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This letter is intended to be a Public Announcement to all people that are ever in a position's that an officer of the law tells you to do something

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Many drive on the highways on the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Traffic congestion can be deadly. When I was 16 in 1992, I was severely

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One more scamper around the mulberry bush on the European immigration chaos evolving in Sweden, especially in the coastal Swedish city of Malmo (27

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Caltrans seems bent on what they term a safety project; widening State Route 70 through District 10, north of Marysville to the Butte/Yuba county

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Ms. Gillespie, editor of the Rabbit Creek Journal, would have her “answers” had she not huffed off my FaceBook (FB) page several months ago just

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President Trump should be awarded by the Meriam-Webster Dictionary for the new lexicon of the year, “fake news“. It has met all the criteria, the use is widespread, sustained and meaningful. According to polls people are losing trust in the mass media. Since the 2016 election the media has suffered its sharpest decline in public confidence in a twenty year downward trend according to Gallup. So far in the month of May CNN ratings have crashed 20% compared to May 2017. It seems people are not interested in Stormy.

The negative reporting on President Trump is as high as 90% ignoring his accomplishments all together. He has done more in less time than any other President.

Every day the scales are tipped against the President. He fights the Fake News, the Democrats and entrenched Republicans that want him out. They are afraid of President Trump, a populist, becoming a transformative President and upsetting the two party election system for the next generation or beyond with a third populist party. The resistance is formidable and will try everything to stop him.

The problem for the Fake News and the Resistance is that President Trump represents the ordinary people that voted for him. They see the double standard. Case in point, the latest dustup with Kelly Sadler, the White House staffer that made the unfortunate remark in private about Senator McCain. She apologized but they demand that she be fired. They are holding President Trump responsible because she works in his administration. When a Democrat says or behaves with impunity, they apologize and then forgiven. Bill Clinton was forgiven after he apologized. Joe Biden was barely admonished for, “This is a big (expletive) deal”. In fact he was adoringly tagged Uncle Joe and his gaffes.

If President Trump is responsible for everything his staff says and does in private then certainly Obama has to be, and probably is, responsible for the secret actions of his FBI, CIA, State Department and White House staff. Why did Susan Rice email herself in the last 5 minutes from her White House office memorializing a meeting with Obama from weeks prior that everything was done “on the up and up.” What was she referring to? Most would expect staffers to be reflecting, sharing final goodbyes not emailing themselves. It’s like the reporting and follow up on the Hillary Campaign and emails, none.

This unrelenting, unfair treatment by the Fake News and the Resistance to stop the President and motivate their base to vote in the Midterm is having a similar but undesirable result with his base, they are motivated too. His rallies are larger than ever and his approval ratings are up across the board. Keep America Great!

Rita Hopple

Arizonia Trumplican