The annual event known as The Forbestown Daze is held in Forbestown for about 7 hours each first Saturday of August. They have the distinction of

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As our communities came together to help the fire victims of the Cascade Fire, we came together again to help Penny and Tim Helton after their house

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Supervisor Fletcher,You’ve said “no” to fair debates. You’ve not answered tough questions. You’ve hidden away from constituents. But today, you’ve


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By Charlie McNiff Well now, all Republicans and a whole lot of Independents can truly be thankful for the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 for

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The Fleecing Continues as The Marysville City Council Watches Your Lawns Burn!

Well, I guess we got our answer to our complaints over the highest water cost in the area... Cal Water is asking for a rate increase! They claim they want to fix the infrastructure, as they have in the past to justify the rate increase. Now it is time to demand the Marysville City Council formally protest this gouging of the Taxpaying Citizens they are supposed to represent. If not, I will donate $1000 towards their Recall!

Did you know that the residents of Linda pay on average $50 including the sewer fee and have greener lawns than most in Marysville? Marysville residents pay about $100 now, in the summer, NOT INCLUDING the sewer fee which is $36.80 a MONTH and our lawns are dying! To keep them green it will cost you around $200 a month plus another $36.80 for the Sewer Fee! And Cal Water now wants us to pay even more! No wonder people are fleeing Marysville and there are derelict properties everywhere! It's time for each and every one of the citizens of the City of Marysville to DEMAND our leaders put a stop to this fleecing and show WE THE MARYSVILLE CITIZENS the documentation that gave Cal Water the City Water Company Rights! I demand it, and you better too, or we'll be paying hundreds for the water that we are floating on that threatens to Flood and kill you every year! If the City refuses to act and start the process to annex and or buy out Cal Water, we have to remove the Council members and replace them with people who will act in the best interests of the Citizens!

I am in contact with Ryan Blatz the current President of Ojai FLOW who was part of the team that worked 8 years to get rid of Golden State Water in Ojai. Fighting with the City Leaders and the Bureaucrats that controlled the City Council, to finally have water independence and a Citizen Controlled Water District. He has offered to help us anyway he can, by guiding us through the pitfalls they will throw in front of us, so we can achieve water independence. He already warned me that Cal Water will try and claim they have upgraded the infrastructure so they can ask a price that is 10 times what the Water Infrastructure is worth... Can you see why Cal Water is now asking for a rate increase to Upgrade?

With the help of other Cities and the Citizens who have beaten the Gouging Water Companies, we too can beat Cal Water! If you want Marysville to succeed, and break the socialist shackles that financially enslave you...It's time to Revolt and Make Marysville Great Again!

RW Gless

Marysville, Ca.